Author: Josie Smith, age 10

 The ISS        
The ISS stands for International Space Station.

The ISS was built by the USA, Japan, Canada, and Russia.

It was completed on Nov. 20, 1998 and it was launched in 2000.

Since launch, astronauts have been going to the ISS every six months. The crew train for more than eighteen months then they go to the ISS. A crew is made up of six astronauts and they stay on the ISS for six months and then the crew changes.

On the ISS, they have to take care of it so that means going on space walks.  A special tool keeps them attached to the ISS.

 The ISS orbits the earth. It is a dangerous job. You have to be the best of the best and have a lot of  experience.

A astronaut doing materials testing on the ISS

                                                      A photo from the ISS of  Southern Italy